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At the present moment I have a very keen interest in painting with pastels. I have been to a couple of pastel painting sessions and I am also practising at home. My first attempts in pastel medium were limited to a couple of drawings of a Leopard yawning created on Canson paper. This subject began life as a line drawing in pencil then a pen drawing and has now become a pastel.

My first proper pastel attempt was a landscape painting of the Somerset Levels, an area of land in the local vicinity, depicting one of the many access tracks that criss cross the area. Using a range of hard and soft pastels on Sennelier Pastelcard. The second attempt was a seascape, with a dark sky. My third attempt was the local landmark, Burrow Mump, towering over the flooded levels.

I am continuing to develop my pastel skills and enjoy the tactile nature of the medium very much. I consider myself very fortunate in knowing a couple of profesional pastel artists who live locally. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support.


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