About Painting 4 Fun

Painting4fun came about because I believe in the positive benefits of drawing and painting, I decided, as I got older, to give up some time to try and help others discover the magic. The internet seemed to be good idea and with the help of my youngest son, Dave, who is appointed as my web designer, I have started this web site. I chose to call it painting4fun because I believe that art is and should be fun. I also feel that we all should have the opportunity to find this. Whether you just like to doodle while chatting on the phone or you scribble in the margins of papers and blotters on the work desk, you are in fact an artist. Then, when you buy your first pen, pencil, or tube of paint, you automatically get an artists licence. From that moment on, you can draw or paint what ever enters your head. You can change landscapes, move mountains, grow trees where there are none and all in the knowledge that all that you do, is unique to you. Skill levels vary but everyone has the right to express themselves through art. You never stop learning, that's fun, and I am happy to continue have fun and develop my own art skills, all of the time. Every new painting is a chance to develop skills so why not "join in with me and let's have some fun".

Some of the artists whos work I admire are,

David Bellamy - Watercolour -
Ron Ranson - Watercolours
James Fletcher-Watson - Watercolour -
Alwyn Crawshaw - Acrylic and Watercolour -
Edward Wesson - Watercolour -
Barry Watkin - Pastels -
Richard Turner - Pastels -
William Alexander - Oils -
Bob Ross - Oils -

As for myself, I am currently finding a useful niche as an Art teacher within the local area senior citizens groups. I currently run classes within 4 venues and, post Christmas 2009, I will be adding 3 or 4 more. Local News Article

I am continuing to develop my skills in all of the mediums but must admit to a passion for oils. I am an avid fan of the late Bob Ross. This American Artist, who developed a painting technique which uses odourless paints, has infused me with his spirit. As a Certified Bob Ross "Wet-on-Wet Technique"® instructor I am both demonstrating and teaching landscape and seascape painting in this oil technique. This is for all to try, yes all, even those who have never painted before. So come on and give it a try, painting is fun!