Completed Courses & New Opporunities

Painting courses have been quite busy this year. I hope that we have all had some fun. I must appologise for those who don't appear on these pages, and offer my photographic errors as my excuse. Of course it would also help if I remembered to bring a camera so, if anybody has any spare photo's of us all painting please feel free to send them in.


Having found a new venue for courses I hope that I will be able to help more of you discover that it can be fun putting brush to canvass. Hopefully more pictures of our efforts will be available and I will try and update this page on a regular basis.



Recent friends from as far apart as north of Gloucester and south of Exeter have joined in and painted some fantastic landscapes. So come on and have a go. Tell your friends and bring them along.


Information regarding forthcoming courses and events has been dificult to keep abreast of so any information is easily available with just one phone call. 01458 835187. Join in with me and some friends and lets have some fun painting fantastic lanscape and seascape scenes. Please don't worry if you have never painted before, the opportunity to begin is here. Just a single one day course will enable you to create an original painting. And, don't forget, that you will be taking home your very own painting, to suprise your friends and neighbors with your creative skills. Go on, give it a try.



For those of you who have painted before here is a chance to try a new technique or brush up on old skills. You know, you never stop learning. Sessions can be arranged to suit any busy schedule. So why not have a go.

If your interest lies away from the oil paint and you are looking for help with watercolours, pastels or sketching and drawing. Then use the form below and get in contact. I don't bite,..............honest!

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