Who is Bob Ross?

Bob Ross was born in Daytona Beach Florida son of a carpenter. He joined the Air Force at an early age and served for 20 years, during which, in his free time he studied art. Bob used to say that having been brought up in Florida it was only to be expected that 'Uncle Sam' would post him to......Alaska. While serving there Bob developed a love of the icy environment, its snow covered mountains and its fantastic scenery.

Upon his retirement from the Air Force he studied the wet on wet techniques pioneered by William Alexander in the 1930ís, and travelled America undertaking demonstrations and workshops which subsequently led to the highly successful 'Joy of Painting'® Television Series and its accompanying books and video's. Bobís friendly folksy chatter, his obvious love of nature and wildlife is there for all to see. The 'Joy' that he gets from painting, coupled with the technique that he developed, which enables anyone to try it, assures him of admirers World Wide. Even if you have never done any painting before, this is now your chance to try and experience the pleasure of putting brush to canvass. Bob remains one of the most popular of Television Artists. He has many well known sayings which include 'We donít make mistakes, we just have happy accidents', 'Lets give him a little friend, because everybody needs a friend' and 'are you ready for the bravery test?', (the last one usualy resulting in the apearance of a huge tree trunk down through the painting, with its branches, twigs, and leafy foliage, in no time at all.) have become folk law. Unfortunately Bob passed away in 1995 at the relatively young age of 52. However his legacy lives on through his popular TV Show, "The Joy of Painting"® his videos and books, and through the worldwide network of Certified Bob Ross Instructors® with who, I am now very proud to be associated.

Andy Grenter CRI® 2007